First Fiduciary Investment Counsel Inc.
Putting Clients First Since 1975

What we do

An independent, disciplined, and objective process.


Since our founding, First Fiduciary has acted as a trusted advisor to both individual and institutional investors. With a commitment to high levels of transparency and communication, we help navigate the capital markets with the goal of building enduring wealth for our clients.

We invest in large, well-established companies, rich in assets with healthy dividends, trading at attractive valuations. We resist the popular temptation to “follow the herd,” knowing that superior investment performance over many years often can occur by thinking differently from the crowd. With thoughtful diversification and an unwavering commitment to our investment process, we have delivered returns with reduced volatility.

By listening to our clients and getting to know them, we are able to design investment programs that fit their needs. For many clients, our flagship equity strategy meets their objectives. We believe our balanced strategy, which blends First Fiduciary’s equity strategy with a conservative bond program, is an excellent solution for clients with fixed income needs.

As our name states, we are “fiduciaries.” Unlike many advisors who operate without a fiduciary responsibility to their clients, we act in the best interests of our clients on all investment decisions.