First Fiduciary Investment Counsel Inc.
Putting Clients First Since 1975

For individual investors

Responsive to your needs, focused on your future

Since 1975, First Fiduciary has pursued one goal to provide our clients with peace of mind while generating  long-term growth of their assets. Our investment approach is best suited for portfolios over $1 million.

Drawing on decades of experience, First Fiduciary professionals are available to provide individuals with financial and investment advice focused on their unique circumstances. By taking the time to listen and learn, we help potential clients determine if our investment style meshes with their needs and expectations. A shared philosophy is crucial to a successful long-term partnership.

First Fiduciary works with our clients to determine the investment approach that is most appropriate. Some individuals use our flagship equity product while others find that our balanced account management (which blends our equity strategy with a conservative bond program) serves their needs for a reliable income stream with reduced risk.

Planning for the future is an on-going process. As clients approach major life events, circumstances evolve. Our financial planning services can help clients manage for life’s inevitable changes and ensure that their financial strategies remain relevant.

First Fiduciary clients benefit from the higher compliance standards we have voluntarily adopted in order to serve our institutional investor clients. Accordingly, our performance reporting complies with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) and its rigorous standards for credibility and integrity. Unlike many investment advisors, our adherence to these high standards allows us to maintain and present an audited long-term performance record. To add an extra layer of security for our clients, we require the use of an independent third-party custodian. The third-party custodian provides monthly statements and confirmations with each transaction. We, in turn, reconcile each account on a daily basis and bring any discrepancies immediately to the custodian’s attention for resolution, giving our clients a valuable double-check system.

As our name states, we are “fiduciaries.” Unlike many advisors who operate without a fiduciary responsibility to their clients, we act in the best interests of our clients on all investment decisions. We are not brokers, we do not sell investment or insurance products, and we do not earn commissions.