First Fiduciary Investment Counsel Inc.
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For institutional investors

Transparency. Accountability. Performance.


First Fiduciary has a history of providing asset management solutions for institutions, including public funds, corporations, foundations, trade associations, and non-profits. Additionally, a number of wealth managers and financial advisors select First Fiduciary to manage money for their clients while they continue to oversee the client relationship.

Some institutional investors use our flagship large-cap value equity strategy as their primary investment solution or as a major component of a diversified portfolio. Others find that our balanced account management serves their needs for a reliable income stream with reduced risk. 

Our commitment to the integrity of our philosophy and process makes First Fiduciary especially well-suited to meet the needs of institutional investors. Built through a bottom-up stock picking process, our high active share strategies do not drift from their mandates.

We at First Fiduciary believe effective communication and complete transparency is essential to building enduring relationships. On a quarterly basis, we provide Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) compliant performance reporting. Additionally, clients receive our market commentary and a description of key investment decisions made during the quarter. When clients have questions, they have direct access to the investment decision makers. To add an additional layer of security for our clients, we require the use of an independent third-party custodian. The third-party custodian provides monthly statements and confirmations with each transaction. We, in turn, reconcile each account on a daily basis and bring any discrepancies immediately to the custodian’s attention for resolution, giving our clients a valuable double-check system.

As our name states, we are “fiduciaries.” Unlike many advisors who operate without a fiduciary responsibility to their clients, we act in the best interests of our clients on all investment decisions. We are not brokers, we do not sell investment or insurance products, and we do not earn commissions.