First Fiduciary Investment Counsel Inc.
Putting Clients First Since 1975

What we believe

Our Core Beliefs

These key principles drive everything we do. 


First Fiduciary believes managing risk is as important as delivering strong investment returns.  Risk is the probability of permanent loss of capital. By investing in industry-leading, high-quality companies with strong balance sheets and a commitment to shareholders, we strive to reduce risk while achieving long-term growth.

We believe time is an ally for disciplined investors. Investors routinely overreact to news, creating valuable opportunities for those brave enough to drown out short-term noise. By employing a long-term perspective, we patiently build multi-generational wealth for our clients.

We believe aligning our interests with those of our clients is essential. We have significant personal investments in our strategies. When our clients do well, we do well.

We believe teams outperform stars. Drawing on decades of investment experience, we believe our team-based approach is the best way to make sound investment decisions and provide outstanding client service.